Zumba Tuesdays at MGH

Dance your heart out and get a great cardiovascular workout at Zumba Tuesdays!

Breakfast Dialogues - The Only Constant is Change - From a Corporate Career to Entrepreneurship

Thinking about making the switch to entrepreneurship from your corporate career? Join us as Mrs Bernadette Giam shares what she gained through this endeavour.

26 July 2019
Franchising and external business opportunities

Learn about the potential and hidden pitfalls of franchising and how you can start on your entrepreneurship journey.

30 Jul 2019
Singapore Bling Slam

Kick back with a drink or two and upbeat songs at the Singapore Bling Slam by DramaWorks!

25 July 2019
DanceSport Line Dance Jam

Join us for a magical afternoon of workshops, dancing and delicious food!

20 Jul 2019
Join the Scuba Diving Interest Group!

Do you love the deep blue sea, or are you looking for a new hobby? Why not check out our newly established Scuba Diving Interest Group?