Graduate Digest
Hacker: Friend or Foe?

White hats or ethical computer hackers are increasingly used by organisations to strengthen cybersecurity. We explore how effective this trend is in beefing up computer systems here.

Climate Change: What can we do?

Time is running out for us to take action on global warming. Find out more on what needs to be done here.

The business of doing good

An increasing number of local entrepreneurs have set up for-profit businesses to help tackle Singapore's societal problems. Read more about it here.

Diabetes: Not just a 'Rich Man's Illness'

The chronic condition is seeing a worldwide rise. It can strike anyone, not only the old, overweight or people with a sweet tooth. Read more about it here.

Cultural preservation through local design

Heritage-inspired design has popped up in local lifestyle stores in various forms, from gem biscuit cushions to kueh tutu badges. What has spurred this trend, and how far does it go in preserving the culture of Singapore? Find out more in this article.

The dangers of tuition overload

Both the government and child experts are calling on parents to ease up on tuition for their kids as more suffer from school-related anxiety. Why is tuition classes becoming increasingly rampant in today's society? Click here to find out more.

Getting real about fake news

The threats posed by fake news have been growing inrecent years. How should we respond to such threats?

Are we civic-minded enough?

After more than 50 years of nation-building and having attained First World status economically, are Singaporeans more gracious compared to 10 years ago? Find out more in this article.