Graduate Digest
The Looming Economic Slowdown

Experts have warned that a slump is looming in the later half of this year, leading to a possible recession by 2020. NUSS explores the ways in which we can prepare for this here.

Rethinking Education in Singapore

In effort to shift the focus away from grades, the Ministry of Education has rolled out a series of changes to the education system in Singapore. However, is this enough to encourage a more balanced system? Read on to find out more.

Root Awakening

Driven by technological innovation, expertise and capital, urban farming can help alleviate food security issues in Singapore and beyond. Read more about how urban farming scene has become a response to a variety of food security pressures.

Hacker: Friend or Foe?

White hats or ethical computer hackers are increasingly used by organisations to strengthen cybersecurity. We explore how effective this trend is in beefing up computer systems here.

Climate Change: What can we do?

Time is running out for us to take action on global warming. Find out more on what needs to be done here.

The business of doing good

An increasing number of local entrepreneurs have set up for-profit businesses to help tackle Singapore's societal problems. Read more about it here.

Diabetes: Not just a 'Rich Man's Illness'

The chronic condition is seeing a worldwide rise. It can strike anyone, not only the old, overweight or people with a sweet tooth. Read more about it here.

Cultural preservation through local design

Heritage-inspired design has popped up in local lifestyle stores in various forms, from gem biscuit cushions to kueh tutu badges. What has spurred this trend, and how far does it go in preserving the culture of Singapore? Find out more in this article.