News & Updates
Annual General Meeting 2018

Click to view the information of the AGM 2018.

Revision of NUSS Jackpot Room Regulations

Click to view the revisions of the Jackpot Room Regulations w.e.f 1 November 2017, in line with the announcement by MHA in July 2017.

Induction to Mini Guilds

Sign up as a Guild Leader and befriend our new members, whilst helping them connect to NUSS!

Opt-in to e-copies of The Graduate

Go green with us at NUSS! Click to opt-in to e-copies of The Graduate.

Complimentary use of Charging Cables

Handphone running low on battery? Worry not! Approach our reception at both GHs for complimentary use of charging cables.

NUSS Dress Code (Updated)

Visiting NUSS? Remember to refer to our dress code before you head down to Kent Ridge or Suntec City Guild House!