Lifelong Learning Courses
Lifelong Learning Courses

Initiation into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

This course aims to let participants (who have zero coding knowledge previously) have a taste of coding and experience the joy of accomplishment with computer coding. This is a hands-on course. The focus of this course is on coding, not webpage design.


Course Outline


  • What is HTML and how it is related to webpages
  • How to create a simple HTML document using Notepad (or any other text editor)
  • Essential HTML tags and how to use them
  • Structuring content of a webpage using HTML
  • Formatting text in a webpage using HTML
  • Incorporating images in a webpage using HTML
  • Creating links in a webpage using HTML
  • Creating interlinked webpages to form a simple website


Learning Outcome


Participants will be able to create, format and layout simple webpages (containing text and images) that are interlinked by coding HTML using a simple text editor (e.g. Notepad).


Note: Participants are required to bring their own laptop (with Windows OS).


Trainer Profile


Mr Chia Jit San led the Training Committee in the IT Department of National Junior College (NJC). He was a freelancer creating and maintaining solutions for schools and companies. Jit San also provided computer related trainings to school teachers and general public with NTUC Training Centre and Creative Technologies.

* The trainer is subject to change without prior notice.

Course Details

Course Duration

6 hours (2 sessions)

3 hours per session

Course Dates

9 & 16 May 2021 (Sun)


10am to 1pm


NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

9 Kent Ridge Drive

Singapore 119241

Registration Closing Date

23 April 2021

Course Fees per pax (Including GST)


NUSS Member: $128.40

Public: $141.24

Fees payable by Singaporean seniors aged 50 and above (Including GST)


NUSS Member: $32.40

Public: $35.64


*Course details are subject to change

*A minimum of 11 participants is required for the workshop to commence

*Please note that there is no refund and no replacement for lesson(s) missed


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