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Lifelong Learning Courses

Starting a Small Business



Designed for soon-to-be retirees who wish to start and operate a small business, the course will show you ways on how to have an active income flow after retirement and the practical aspects and processes that go into having a start-up business.



Course Outline



Module 1 - Why – Start Your Own Business?

  • The entrepreneurial revolution

  • Going into business – An attractive option to consider

  • Understanding what doing business is all about – clearing some misconceptions and myths

  • Do I have what it takes to go into business? Going into business – some models



​Module 2 - Who/What – My Customers, My Product

  • ​Looking for business ideas

  • From ideas to opportunities

  • A product looking for a market

  • A market looking for a product

  • Looking for a business – some other approaches

  • Readymade businesses



Module 3 - How Much - Money Matters

  • Knowing the financing needs of my business – minimising the financing needs

  • Importance of keeping financial records

  • Working out some projections

  • Some sources of financing for the business



Module 4 - Where – Reaching My Customers

  • Knowing exactly what I am selling

  • Knowing who my customers are and what they are looking for when they buy

  • Making the 4 Ps work

  • Reaching my customers

  • Connecting with customers online



Module 5 - When – Developing My Business Plan

  • Purpose and use of the business plan

  • Components / Contents / Scope of

    • The business idea

    • The industry and market

    • Business model analysis

    • Further action plan



Module 6 - How – Doing It Right

  • Name and business structure

  • Do I need a partner – choosing one

  • Complying with legal and regulatory requirements

  • Looking for a suitable location for the business

  • Making sure the 4Ps work



Module 7 - Putting It Together

  • Show Time – Presenting your business plan


Trainer Profile


Ms Goh Ai Yat is the Joint Managing Consultant of SBF Group of consulting companies. She is privileged to be recognized as the first and only master trainer in Asia for The Back of the Napkin™ - Solving Problems with Pictures. The Back of the Napkin was voted the Best Innovation Book of 2008 by BusinessWeek and Fast Company. It was Amazon’s fifth best-selling business book in 2008 and a best seller in China, South Korea, and Japan.

* The trainer is subject to change without prior notice.

Course Details

Course Duration

17.5 hours (7 sessions)

2.5 hours per session

Course Dates

7, 9, 14, 16, 21, 28, 30 Jun 2022 (Tue & Thu)


6.30pm to 9pm


NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

9 Kent Ridge Drive

Singapore 119241

Registration Closing Date

10 May 2022

Course Fees per pax (Including GST)


NUSS Member: $374.50

Public: $411.95

Fees payable by Singaporean and PR seniors aged 50 and above (Including GST)


NUSS Member: $94.50

Public: $103.95


*Course details are subject to change

*SkillsFuture Credits Eligible (for course fees only)


*Please note that there is no refund and no replacement for lesson(s) missed


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