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Cryptocurrency - The Future of Money

If you wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies and NFTs, join Prof David Lee as he discusses the next big thing in the sustainable growth of growth economies.

24 Feb 2022
Climate Change: Plans to Promote Cleaner Vehicles

Singapore has been driving towards wider Electric Vehicle adoption lately. Learn more about the initiatives by the National Electric Vehicle Centre and how you can do your part in fighting climate change.

24 Mar 2022
E-Waste Management

Do you know how to dispose of your e-waste safely? The Ministry of Sustainability and NEA recently launched a new system to provide the public with convenient avenues to recycle their e-waste. Find out more at our upcoming webinar.

27 Jan 2022
Project Wolbachia - Fighting Dengue with Mosquitoes

The regular dengue outbreaks in Singapore underscore the need for novel and sustainable vectors, and dengue control. Join us as experts from NEA share their insight and journey in the fight against dengue.

16 Feb 2022