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Health and Wellness Series - Common Health Conditions in Seniors

Gain insight into the common health issues faced by seniors and how to manage them.

6 Oct 2023
Muay Thai

Get stronger, leaner and fighting fit with this highly energetic class!

Krav Maga

Challenge yourself and up your fitness game with Krav Maga, an Israeli Martial Art initially developed for the Israel Defense Forces.

Aquapole & Boxing

Get ready for a unique water fitness experience like no other! Get a leaner and stronger you through Aquapole and boxing now.


Get a good workout while staying cool in the pool at this aqua aerobics class!

Join NUSS S&R Section Groups!

Looking for like-minded buddies to play a game or two? With our wide array of S&R Section groups, you are bound to find a group that shares the same passion!

Swimming Programme for Teens and Adults

If you have been wanting to learn how to swim, it is time to take a plunge with us!

Join the Cycling Section

Looking for buddies that share the same passion for cycling? Join us and ride your way to a fitter lifestyle!