Silver Fitness for Ladies (MGH)

Energise your mind and body through this fun workout and make new friends in the process.

Introductory session to Rummikub

Have a go at Rummikub, a classic game that stimulates the mind and is fun for all ages!

27 Sep 2019
Programming workshops for Busy Executives

Get organised and make sense of large amounts of data with two useful programming workshops.

28 Sep - 5 Oct 2019
Book Club: The Great Gatsby

Join us as we discuss and delve into the dazzling world of popular classic novel - The Great Gatsby.

26 Sep 2019
NUSS Toastmasters Club: Chapter Meetings

Discover the art of communication and hone your leadership skills through the series of leadership-related sessions with NUSS Toastmasters.

12 Sep - 28 Nov 2019
NUSS Billiards & Snooker Open Tournament 2019

Demonstrate your precision skills and prowess at our annual Billiards and Snooker Tournament!

26 Sep - 12 Oct 2019
Personalised Leather Craft workshop

Learn how to craft a personalised leather card holder for yourself or a loved one at this fun workshop!

28 Sep 2019
The state of digital marketing in China

Find out about the current digital landscape in China and the platforms needed for businesses to thrive in the Chinese market.

24 Sep 2019