Suntec Breakfast Club

More than just a breakfast club – Start your day connecting with others!

23 Feb 2023
Aquapole & Boxing

Get ready for a unique water fitness experience like no other! Get a leaner and stronger you through Aquapole and boxing now.

2 Feb onwards

Get a good workout while staying cool in the pool at this aqua aerobics class!

6 Feb onwards
Join NUSS S&R Section Groups!

Looking for like-minded buddies to play a game or two? With our wide array of S&R Section groups, you are bound to find a group that shares the same passion!

Swimming Programme for Teens and Adults

If you have been wanting to learn how to swim, it is time to take a plunge with us!

Swimming Programme for kids

Pick up this life skill in a fun and safe environment with our swimming programme specially for kids!

Join the Mahjong Section

Available for a limited period only, get a crash course into the basics of Mahjong and more for only $36. Find out more here.

Join the Cycling Section

Looking for buddies that share the same passion for cycling? Join us and ride your way to a fitter lifestyle!