FAQ – NUSS Sportsman and Sportswoman Awards 2024

Yes, nomination is open to all members, including spouse members, junior members and parent members.

Nominations must be made using this online form. Nominations are now open until 3 April 2024.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of members you can nominate as long as they fulfil the criteria.

Informing the NUSS member is optional. While you may inform the nominee to get more details to support the nomination, all nominations will be independently reviewed by the Judging Panel with the final shortlist kept confidential until the award ceremony at the Sports & Recreation Night.


The selection process involves four phases - Nomination, Evaluation by Judging Panel, Endorsement by the Management Committee, and Announcement. Nominations are received through this online form and evaluated by the Judging Panel. Once the Judging Panel has made its final decision and the Management Committee endorses the award recipients, the award recipients will be announced at the Sports & Recreation Night.

The Judging Panel comprises the Chairperson of the Sports & Recreation (S&R) Sub-Committee, the Deputy Chairperson of the S&R Sub-Committee and key members of the S&R Sub-committee. 

The Judging Panel is seeking outstanding Sportsman / Sportswoman members who have distinguished themselves as a long-standing, senior, and respected Society member with a distinguished sporting background, actively supporting the Society in both sports and broader aspects, or the individual may have made significant contributions to the Society in non-sporting areas, but there should be a sporting element associated with their time in the Society, or the member should have achieved notable success in their sport at a major competition, such as becoming a champion in a National Competition.

The awards recipients and nominators will be notified after the Judging Panel has finalised and the Management Committee has endorsed the selection. The recipients will receive their Award at the Sports & Recreation Night, and the recipients will be announced through various online and printed publicity platforms during and after the Sports & Recreation Night.