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The Society Responds To Recent Social Media Discourse

We have been made aware of a social media post circulating on platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp alleging that the National University of Singapore Society ("NUSS") is a ‘recruitment centre’ for a certain political party in Singapore. The NUSS wishes to clarify the matter as follows.
The NUSS is an apolitical organisation which has no affiliations to any political party. The NUSS seeks to actively contribute to the political awareness and discourse in Singapore by organising various activities. This is one of the objects of the NUSS as stated in its constitution.
It is true that some members of its Management Committee are members of political parties, both from the ruling party and other parties. This has never been an issue as the members do not mix their political affiliations with their committee work and political affiliations are not discussed during the meetings or social settings of the committee. All the members of the Management Committee are unified in their desire to work in the best interests of the NUSS and any suggestion that the NUSS is being made use of to further the interest of any political party is categorically denied.