PRESS RELEASE: NUSS delivers free lunch to NUH A&E (26 Feb 2020)


NUSS to hold GE2020 forum with 6 political parties including SDP & PSP

On July 3, NUSS will host a forum involving six opposition parties—the SDP, PSP, Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), People's Power Party (PPP), Reform Party (RP), and Red Dot United (RDU). The forum is organised by NUSS, and will be moderated by former-Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Viswa Sadasivan. NUSS originally invited all political parties contesting in GE2020, and these were the six that responded.

Mothership.sg, 2 July 2020


PRESS RELEASE: NUSS organises Pre-General Election Forum (3 Jul 2020)