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Dance your way to wellness!



Explore the exciting world of dance and meet fellow dance enthusiasts!  

With a plethora of dance activities including regular dance classes, weekly dance nights and quarterly Social Dinner & Dances, NUSS DanceSport gives you the platform to network and build real friendships while keeping in step with your health and fitness. 


Popular staples in the curriculum include Line Dance and Social Dance classes.  Members could also participate in weekly dance nights that are free for all dancesport members to join while seasoned dancers can continue to challenge themselves through instructor-led courses and workshops. 



DanceSport Activities

Weekly Dance Nights at Kent Ridge Guild House

Bring your friends along for a night of social dancing or practise your dance moves to a wide range of music from Waltz to Jive to Salsa and many more!  


Date: Every Tuesday (No session on eves of Public Holiday and Public Holidays)

Time: 7.30pm - 11pm

Venue: Kent Ridge Guild House
Fees: (A) FREE for Dancesport members. (B) $5 for NUSS Members. (C) $8 for Non-NUSS Members.



Line Dance Sharing Session


Kent Ridge Guild House, Aerobics Rooms

Date: Every Thursday (No session on eves of Public Holiday and Public Holidays)
Time: 5pm - 6pm


Mandalay Guild House, Fitness Studio

Date: Every Second and Fourth Friday (No session on eves of Public Holiday and Public Holidays)
Time: 10.30am - 11.30am


Fees: (A) FREE for Dancesport members. (B) $4 for NUSS Members. (C) $5 for Non-NUSS Members.

Click here for more information. 


Social Dance Classes

Choose from elegant Ballroom, dreamy Waltz, passionate Salsa and many more! 

Click here to check out our social dance classes available. 


Quarterly Social Dinner & Dance

Dress in your most impressive dance suit and dazzle on the dance floor in this quarterly event highlight that includes a sumptuous dinner, a whole night of dancing plus excellent music provided by the DanceSport's very own deejay. 

With interesting themes such as Beauty World, Serengeti Encounter and Romancing the Night, the Social Dinner & Dances are often sold-out events at NUSS. 

Look out for more information on the publicity posters for upcoming Social Dinner & Dances!




Tan Peng Yong


For enquiries on DanceSport activities, please contact:

Natalie Sim
Sports & Events Department
Tel: 6586 7043