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Music Section


Express the melody in you. 


The NUSS Music Section aims to promote all forms of musical performances by NUSS members, giving them opportunities to socialise, expand song repertoire and develop musical skills and talent through a variety of music-related activities.

Section Nights: Every Tuesday, 7pm to 9pm at the Activity Room
The Activity Room at Kent Ridge Guild House can be booked by NUSS members from Fridays to Sundays for jamming sessions and rehearsal for NUSS events and functions.  Music Section members are allowed to use the room in the following time slots for their music/band practices or Jam sessions for free.
Fri: 7pm - 10pm/ 10pm - 1am
Sat: 7pm - 9pm/ 9pm - 11pm11pm - 1am
Sun: 6pm - 9pm9pm - 12am
If you would like to book the Activity Room for a jamming session, kindly contact the Secretariat-in-charge a week in advance.
Activities organised by the NUSS Music Section include: 
·Gigs for NUSS/NUS related events
·Grad Jam Night 
. Music Genre Night




Chang Shern Hin



For enquiries on Music Section activities, please contact:

Natalie Sim
Sports & Events Department
Tel: 6586 7043