NUSS Darts Section

Combining power and precision in one sport. 

Established since 1996, the NUSS Darts Section is for those who love a game of precision and skill.  Darts is an easy game to pick up but a demanding game to master.  Whether you are a newbie or a professional, the Darts Section welcomes you!  Section fees apply at $60 per year. 
  • To promote the game and attract greater participation from members through organising regular in-house competitions
  • To foster better relations with other clubs through friendly matches
Section Games
Activity Room 1, Level 2, Kent Ridge Guild House
Once a month (Monday) from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.
The common game formats played on Section Nights are 301 DIDO, 501 and cricket.
Tips for you!
Here’s a throwing tip for darts newbies.  The thumb and the index finger provide the power, while the remaining fingers provide accuracy.  The smooth release with the help of the focused mind defines the destination.  You will soon find that there is more than meets the bull’s eye in the darts game.  To throw a winning dart requires the integration of a strong mind with the minute power of the little fingers and thumbs in order for the dart to find its way to the target.

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Gill Carrie Kaur
Email: cgill@cnplaw.com



For enquiries on the Darts Section, please contact:

Vivien Pang
Sports & Events Department
Email: vivienpang@nuss.org.sg