NUSS Balut Section

Roll the dices and get social!
Established since 1987, the NUSS Balut Section provides an excellent way to network within NUSS, due to the social nature of the game.  The Section has grown from strength to strength and over the years have won local and overseas tournament.  Section fees apply at $60 per year. 
What is Balut?
Balut is a popular dice game usually played in club bars.  Five dices are thrown, up to a maximum of three times, to achieve the maximum number of points for each category of the game.  Players must try to score a maximum number of points for FOURs, FIVEs, SIXes, STRAIGHT, FULLHOUSE, CHOICE and BALUT (5 dices of any number). The maximum attainable score is 183.



  • To increase the number of regular participants in the Section nights
  • To encourage members to socialise at NUSS’ Guild House where informal games are played
  • To give members greater exposure to the game by sending teams for the monthly Inter-Club games as well as the Chivas Regal - STC- Annual Interport Balut Challenge Tournament
Section Games
  • The Section games are held every last Wednesday of the month at Kent Ridge Guild House from 6.30pm to 10pm
  • All sessions games will be considered part of the Section's tournament ladder


Annual NUSS Balut Championship - Master Baluter 
2019 Maria Ng 2011 Lim Kah Lock
2018 Eric Ang 2010 Lim Kah Lock
2017 Thomas Lee 2009 Jagdish Singh Gill
2016 Chee Tuck Hong 2008 Thomas Lee
2015 Maria Ng 2007 Ong Pin Sam
2014 Ong Pin Sam 2006 GS Rengarajoo
2013 Ong Pin Sam 2005 Ang Peng Eng
2012 Paul Chin 2004 GS Rengarajoo
    2003 Darshan Singh

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Mr Daniel Chong

For enquiries on the Balut Section, please contact:
Christopher Lee
Sports & Events Department