NUSS Bowling Section

Hone your bowling skills and progress from spares to strikes!


Established since 1984, the NUSS Bowling Section has a current group of over 40 active members.  Section fees apply at $60 per year. 



  • Foster camaraderie among NUSS Bowlers and provide a level playing field for bowling enthusiasts in NUSS to meet and compete regularly in the Monthly Medal competitions
  • Improve and hone the skills of all Bowling Section members through constant practice, training and coaching
  • Expose the NUSS Bowling Team to regular inter-club competitions and overseas tournaments
Section Games
Monthly Medal bowling competitions are held at Superbowl and SAFRA Mount Faber for members and their guests to pit their skills and compete against each other. 


Interested to join the Bowling Section? CLICK HERE!

Mr Ong Zaiquan


For enquiries on the Bowling Section, please contact:

Daniel Ng

Sports & Events Department