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NUSS Bridge Section

Want to know why Bridge is the favourite game for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet? Join this Section to find out!


The NUSS Bridge Section was etablished since February 1986.  All Bridge members are affiliated to the Singapore Contract Bridge Association (SCBA) and are entitled to member’s rates at SCBA and its affiliated clubs.

Section fees apply at $5 per month, debited on a quarterly basis. 



  • To provide members with an enjoyable intellectual pastime, which cultivates sharp mental skills and a keen sense of memory
  • To organise NUSS teams to compete in bridge tournaments


Section Games

Friendly matches are held on Wednesdays from 7pm to 11pm. All sessions are held at the Cards & Games Room located at Kent Ridge Guild House.


Interested to join the Bridge Section? CLICK HERE!

Mr Tan Kok Poh
Email: tankp@singnet.com.sg

For enquiries on the Bridge Section, please contact:
Jaz Chua
Sports & Events Department
Tel: 6586 3736
Email: jazchua@nuss.org.sg