Members who are keen to serve on the Sub-Committees for 2020/2021, preferably with appropriate experience, are cordially invited to indicate their interests by ticking no more than two of the following boxes. Members shall be appointed for the term till the 2022 Annual General Meeting. Your application must be supported with a Brief Description about your profession and voluntary experience, if any

Please fill in your personal details below and submit the form by 6 November 2020.

Alumni Development
Seeks to develop and cultivate strong bonds between the alumni community and NUSS and foster a strong relationship with NUS students.Reviews existing relations with current partners to identify and establish links with new partners and strengthen ties across all parties.Coordinates the Society’s effort in reaching out to the NUS community (alumni and students) and the larger graduate community, explore and carry out new opportunities for engagement, activities and relationship building.
Community Care and Cultural
Organises outreach projects for the less fortunate, engages members through the arts and supports worthy causes through the arts so as to build up awareness of NUSS and for the good of the wider community.
Digital Transformation (3 vacancies available)
Senior professionals will join other Sub-Committees' Chairman to drive this initiative, provide direction on the adoption of digital technology to increase productivity.
Ensures IT projects, including Graduate Network, are aligned to the Society’s goals and objectives, oversees the pre- and post-implementation of IT projects and provides advice and guidance on IT policies as well as processes.
Food & Beverage
Provides guidance on hospitality standards of F&B offered at Guild Houses encompassing food quality, services, hygiene and overall dining experience.
Develops and reviews proposals by the management on strategies to achieve the goal of F&B operations.
Performs an advisory/consultative role to the Secretariat financial team so as to maintain a high standard of corporate governance in compliance with the accounting standards within the legal and regulatory framework
Intellectual Pursuit and Lifelong Learning
Initiates and promotes a vibrant intellectual graduate Society that engages itself with national and international issues and lifelong learning in accordance with the objects of the Society, and serves as an education and advisory resource for NUSS.
Reviews and formulates policies and marketing strategies related to the NUSS membership and develops initiatives to enhance the membership experience. Reviews and proposes membership marketing promotion and strategies. Review and expands membership privileges and benefits to add value to the membership.
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