Events by category
Drone Day Challenge

Learn how to pilot a basic drone and engage it in flight challenges with others through this fun workshop!

21 Mar 2019
Junior Soccer Training

Ignite the passion for soccer in your child through our fun soccer training lessons specially tailored for kids!

The art of storytelling

What makes a story great? Learn the art of storytelling through this fun workshop!

21 March 2019
Chess for Juniors

Introduce your child to the fun and strategic game of English Chess this June holidays.

Karate for Juniors

More than just building self-defense skills, Karate helps to instill discipline, confidence and good concentration in children! Get your child started in this exciting combat sport today!

Swimming For Juniors

Teaching your children how to swim have significant benefits for both their health and safety. Start them on this fun swimming program and overcome the waters quickly!

Badminton for Juniors

Get your kids all excited about sports again with a game of badminton. Sign them up now for a great and healthy way to start their Saturdays!

Tennis for Juniors

A popular sport that promotes both physical and psychological developments, get your child out on the court and have fun in this racquet sport!