Where sportsmanship meets carmaraderie.

NUSS Golf Section

Established since 1986, the NUSS Golf Section is one of the largest sporting group in NUSS.

Be sure to look forward to an exciting schedule of activities across the year, with overseas golf tours and games like Monthly Medals, President’s Trophy Challenge, Golf Annuals, Alumni & Friends Tournaments and many more. As a Golf Section member, you will be entitled to subsidy off all local games and overseas trips.

The Golf Section also actively fulfills its philanthropic calling, raising funds almost every year to the NUS Alumni Bursary Fund Campaign to support financially challenged students from NUS.

Section fees apply at $4 per month*.

As a Golf Section member, you will be entitled to approximately 30% subsidy off all local games and a variable subsidy off overseas trips. To qualify for section subsidy, a member must be a member of the section for a period of time before being eligible for the subsidy on local and overseas games.

*Subject to prevailing GST


Mr Joseph Ng
Email: [email protected]

For enquiries on the Golf Section, please contact:
Hafiz Wahid
Sports and Events Department
Email: [email protected]

Interested to join the Golf Section?