NUSS welcomes Graduates from all local and recognised foreign universities to be part of a premier graduate community.

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Become a NUSS member and enjoy these benefits

  • 1. One Membership, Three Clubhouses
    Enjoy access to three clubhouses namely, Kent Ridge Guild House, Suntec City Guild House and Mandalay Guild House.
  • 2. Feast on the finest
    Indulge in the finest cuisines at our restaurants, cafes and lounges helmed by award-winning culinary chefs.
  • 3. Comprehensive range of sporting facilities
    Embark on a healthy lifestyle at our comprehensive range of sporting facilities which includes a 50-metre swimming pool, a fitness centre, tennis courts, squash courts and more.
  • 4. Low subscription fee
    The monthly subscription fee is $80* (this will be revised to $100 from 1 September 2024) and additional $10 per month for spouse members. Junior Membership (12 to 26 years old) and Parents Membership are also available.
  • 5. Networking opportunities abound
    Network with fellow graduate members from local and foreign universities.
  • 6. Membership transferability
    NUSS membership is transferable. Call us now to find out more about the entry fee in the open market.
  • 7. New Graduate Special
    Join NUSS at only $2,000 if you obtained your first degree or postgraduate degree (on the condition that such postgraduate programme commenced within 12 months after obtaining the first and subsequent full-time degrees) within the last 3 years of graduation.
  • *Fees indicated are subjected to prevailing GST

Contact our membership team for more information

Hotline: 8723 1505
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions on Becoming an NUSS Member

NUSS is Singapore’s foremost graduate club and it has been in existence since 1954.

There are three clubhouses currently: Kent Ridge Guild House, Suntec City Guild House and Mandalay Guild House.

Kent Ridge Guild House: 1 Chinese Restaurant, 1 Cafe, 1 Lounge, 1 KTV (4 outlets)

Suntec City Guild House: 1 Restaurant, 1 Bar, 1 KTV (3 outlets)

Mandalay Guild House: 1 Restaurant, 1 Bar (2 outlets)

Total 9 F&B outlets 

Fresh graduates who obtained their first degree or postgraduate degree (provided that such postgraduate programmes commenced within 12 months after obtaining their first and subsequent full-time degree) and apply within 3 years from graduation, they are entitled to a special entrance fee of only $2,000*.

Membership may be purchased via the Seceondary Transfer Market with fees averaging $5,000. Contact us at 9127 1886 or email to [email protected] for more details.

We have 20 or 36 months interest-free instalment plans. Contact us for more details.

Being a member of NUSS, you and your family can enjoy all sports and social facilities within the three clubhouses.

Ordinary members are graduates from NUS who have successfully completed any degree or postgraduate degree from NUS. Associate Members are graduates of other local and recognised foreign universities. Associate members enjoy the same benefits as Ordinary members except that Associate members do not have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting. Associate members cannot participate in the election of officer bearers (Management Committee).

The pre-requisite to join NUSS is a Bachelor degree obtained from any local or recognised foreign universities. You may wish to encourage your children, friends or relatives who are graduates to join NUSS.

Yes. You are free to transfer your membership to your children, spouse or other graduates. We have two types of transfer.

Direct Transfer:                                 

Transfer fee under this category is waived. Direct Transfer is applicable for Father to Daughter/Son, Mother to Daughter/Son, Spouse to Spouse. There will be an admin fee of 10% of the prevailing entrance fee.

Transfer to Other Graduate:           

Any graduate of a recognised university. The transfer fee is $4,000.

Members joining NUSS at a concessionary entrance fee shall not be permitted to transfer their membership within a period of three years, from the date of joining.

The prevailing subscription fee is at $80* per month. 

Yes, your spouse may join NUSS by paying monthly subscription of $10*. His/her card is a supplementary card of your main account. Spouse member does not have voting rights during the Annual General Meeting and cannot participate in the election of officer bearers (Management Committee).

Your child may apply as a junior member. The monthly subscription fee ranges from $5* / $10* & $45*.

No. We do not have a limit but the member will have to sign in all guests on the guest book at our front desk reception.

No, but guest has to pay guest rates when they access facilities like swimming pool, badminton and tennis courts, etc.

We are a members’ club and as such our facilities are not open to public. 

In line with our mission to be the foremost graduate society, NUSS organises talks, Ministers’ dialogue sessions, workshops, sports activities, social & recreation events and kids’ activities to continually engage our members and their families.

Through the promotion of Events on our website, weekly Eblasts sent directly to your email inbox, The Graduate microsite, posters publicising events on our notice boards in the Guild Houses and social media channels such as Facebook, Telegram, LinkedIn and Instagram..

You may refer to NUSS’ website for the latest benefits that we have arranged especially for our members.

NUSS members can enjoy reciprocity with other graduate associations in countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

We have an array of children’s activities, especially during the school holidays. Take your pick from sports, educational workshops and fun-filled excursions.

NUSS has an online microsite platform, The Graduate, that provides members with frequent updates on the Society's events and happenings.

To join us as a valued member, please call 6777 6060 or email [email protected].
For Membership Services, please call 6586 3760 or email [email protected].

*Subject to prevailing GST