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The following types of members may transfer their membership to persons who qualify to be an Ordinary Member or an Associate Member

Membership may not be transferred to former members who have either resigned or have been terminated or expelled.

All new applicants (i.e. transferee) shall be subjected to acceptance by the Committee.

Third-Party Transfer

Upon the Committee’s acceptance of the transfer, the transferor shall be required to pay a prescribed current transfer fee of $4,000*.

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Family Transfer

For transfer of membership from spouse to spouse, parent to child or child to parent, the transferee is required to pay an administrative fee of $200*. This is, however, subject to the condition that the membership has previously not been transferred by way of payment of a Discounted Transfer Fee or, where the membership has previously been transferred by way of payment of the full transfer fee.

Corporate Membership Transfer
A corporation is able to transfer its Corporate Membership to another corporation with a transfer fee of $6,000*. All nominee account(s) will cease after the transfer.
For a change of nominee, an admin fee of $200* will apply per change of each nominee.
Deceased Transfer

The Executor/Administrator of the estate of the deceased member may apply to the Committee for:

  • Transfer of membership of the deceased member to the beneficiary under the will, provided that the beneficiary satisfies the requirements of an Ordinary or Associate Member and upon payment of an admin fee*
  • Transfer to a 3rd party who satisfies the requirements of an Ordinary or Associate Member and upon payment of a transfer fee not less than $4,000*

For more information on membership transfers, please email to Membership Services at [email protected].

*Subject to prevailing GST

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