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DramaWorks started as a group that was interested in promoting Drama performances in the 2000s. 

DramaWorks is one of the youngest groups in NUSS’ Cultural Section, with its core activities in performance work, stage management and show production. Sharing a passion for the stage, they had performed at numerous NUSS and external events, including original musicals, variety shows, skits, flash mobs, emcee-ing, Glee-style gigs and Christmas carolling.

On top of all these, the group has now ventured into working behind the scenes and stage, to the page. They continue to have script writing sessions, table-reading, and the most recent addition – reading and writing poetry. In addition, DramaWorks still engages in their longstanding favourites – dancing and singing.

DramaWorks holds one to two section meetings and activities every month. Currently, these meetings would consist of Poetry and Coffee and Table Reads.

Constantly wanting to improve, DramaWorks seeks to develop the artistic skills of its members through sharing sessions, workshops and master classes by professional instructors. Some of these are in script writing, emceeing, acting, improvisation, singing and dancing. In 2020, the group hosted a Conversation on the Arts with the Arts House. DramaWorks also participates in community building work such as reading with children who are not often read to, performancing for seniors and writing poety for a good cause.

DramaWorks creates an exciting array of opportunities for members to showcase their talents through drama, dance, music, and writing prose and poetry. The group functions like a family where each member believes in and provides a safe environment for bonding and self-improvement while having fun together.

Also check out our calendar of events here.
For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/DramaWorksNUSS/

Christopher Loh

For enquiries on DramaWorks upcoming projects and workshops, please contact:
Wong Shi Hui
Sports & Events Department
Email: [email protected]