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NUSS Mobile App

  • Current Mobile App Users
  • For members who have earlier signed up for the NUSS Mobile App or are able to view their Statement of Accounts on our website, no signing up is required*. The login credentials for the mobile app remain the same.

    *Update your current app to the latest version from the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • New Users
  • For members who are new users, please download the mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store and follow the steps below:

    Your registration is now completed.

It could be due to one of the following:

  • You have already registered
  • Member ID/Membership Number are not keyed in correctly
  • Non-principal members must key in their full Member ID/Membership No (e.g. AB123Z-01)
  • Your email address is not the same as the registered email address
  • You did not click on Confirm Password
  • The Password and Confirm Password details are not the same

On the login screen, key in the memberID or email address and password.
Click Login

Please follow the instructions below.

  • Contains a minimum of 8 characters
  • Contains 1 uppercase letter
  • Contains 1 numeric character
  • Contains 1 special character (e.g. !@#$%"&()+=[])

If you have not registered in the new system yet, kindly do so (refer to point 1). If you have done so, click on Forgot Password.

Supplementary members must have a separate email address registered with NUSS, as well as a
Supplementary membership number in order to sign up. Please email to [email protected] to update the email address.

It may be a case whereby the registered email address differs from the address registered in the NUSS system. Please email to [email protected] to verify.
Please email to [email protected] for further assistance.

Statement of Accounts (SOA)

You can view your monthly statement via:
  1. Website (Visit our website at www.nuss.org.sg, click on Member's Login tab at the top right corner of the homepage)
  2. NUSS Mobile App (Click on the Statement of Accounts icon )
  3. eSOA via email

Your monthly statement is sent electronically to your registered email address with NUSS (unless you have opted to receive a physical copy). Please email to [email protected] for assistance.

eSOA via email

The eSOA password is not the same as the members' portal password. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

A password is required, based on your membership number plus date of birth (DOB).

If my membership ID is AB123Z and my DOB is 1st of Jan 1960, password should be AB123Z010160 (case sensitive) (DDMMYY instead of DDMMYYYY).

Please email to [email protected] to verify your date of birth.


You can make payment via internet banking. Please scan or save the QR code on the statement/eSOA.

F&B Reservations

The following four outlets are open for online reservations via the website and NUSS Mobile App:
  1. KRGH, Café on the Ridge
  2. KRGH, The Scholar Chinese Restaurant
  3. SCGH, The Bistro
  4. MGH, The Restaurant@Mandalay
Please clear your cache. The problem is likely due to the device cache memory issue. If the problem persists, please email to [email protected].
Our staff will block the date when it is fully booked. You may also call the respective outlets to check again.
Please refer to your reservation email to edit or cancel your booking.

Facilities Booking

  1. Login to the Member's Login at www.nuss.org.sg or via the NUSS Mobile App
  2. Select Facilities → Right Note (KTV)