Lifelong Learning Courses
Lifelong Learning Courses

Tell Your Story in Style with Video Slideshow and Digital Flipbook

Organise and manage photos/videos to keep memories alive.

Learn the techniques of storytelling using digital media to organise and manage photos/videos to keep memories alive:

a)     Create video slideshows with artistic collages and music;
b)     Design a contemporary page-flipping digital photo book/journal with layout and composition;
c)     Publish and share the slideshow and photo book/journal online and offline with digital tools.
Device Requirements: Tablet (iOS or Android) or Laptop (Windows or MacOS)


Session 1:

  1. Introduction to image visualisation. (1/2hr)
  2. Introduction to rich media organisation and storage.(1/2hr)
  3. Introduction to building blocks, storytelling and storyboard of a video slideshow. (1/2hr)
  4. Practical -Install and introduce Photo Scanning Tool (1.5hr)

Session 2:

  1. Think like a designer. (1/2hr)
  2. Understand Canva Elements and Templates. (1/2hr)
  3. Practical – Install and introduce graphic design tool. (1/2hr)
  4. Create a video using template. (1.5 hr)

Session 3:

  1. Think like a director. (1/2 hr)
  2. Understand the 3Ps of video slideshow creation and illustrations. (1/2hr)
  3. Introduction to video editing tool. (1/2hr)
  4. Practical – Create a video slideshow using a video editing tool. (1.5 hr)

Session 4

  1. Think like a storyteller (1/2hr)
  2. Storytelling circle – create a storyboard strawman. (1hr)
  3. Practical – line up the first assembly of pictures/collages and video footage (1.5hr)


Session 5:

  1. Think like a publisher. (1/2hr)
  2. Introduction to Digital Flipbook.(1/2 hr)
  3. Considerations for visual versus journal styles of layout and presentation.(1hr)
  4. Practical – Install and setup cloud-based publishing platforms (1hr)


Session 6:

  1. Develop a story supported by the digital flipbook concept/theme and organisation. (1hr)
  2. Understand the concept of interactivity in digital publishing.(1/2hr)
  3. Practical - Develop design and layout.(1.5hr)


Session 7:

  1. Present the final draft for the 16-page flipbook.(1/2hr)
  2. Frequently asked questions.(1/2hr)
  3. Practical – Fill in written stories and visuals for the 16-page flipbook. (2hr)

Session 8:

  1. Preparation for final presentation.(1.5hr)
  2. Class Project Presentation.(1hr)
  3. Reflection and evaluation.(1/2 hr)


Learning outcome:

  1. Learn to organise and declutter photos.
  2. Learn to use different digital tools to scan photos, create a collage, create a video and publish a digital flipbook.
  3. Create and share a two-minute video slideshow.
  4. Publish a 16-page photo book/journal for viewing and sharing.

Trainer Profile

Cheong Lai Siong is the Founder of Orchid Creative, which provides training and workshop facilitation services. She helps clients to declutter photos and get organised by creating a digital library of bookshelves and catalogues. She coaches clients to capture their stories by transforming their media into video slideshow or interactive flipbook using digital tools. Before this, she has 30 years of corporate management experience in Information Technology and business in an MNC. 

Course Details

Course Duration

24 hours (8 sessions)

3 hours per session

Course Dates

23, 30 Jan, 20, 27 Feb, 5, 12, 19, 26 Mar 2024, Tue


9am to 12pm


NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House

9 Kent Ridge Drive

Singapore 119241

Registration Closing Date

23 Dec 2023

Course Fees per pax (Including GST)


NUSS Member: $518.40

Public: $570.24

Fees payable by Singaporean seniors aged 50 and above (Including GST)

NUSS Member: $134.40

Public: $147.84


* Device Requirements: Tablet (iOS or Android) or Laptop (Windows or MacOS)

* Course dates are subject to change

* SkillsFuture Credits Eligible (for course fees only)

* Please note that there is no refund and no replacement for any lesson(s) missed

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