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Membership Reinstatement Form

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Applicant's Particulars

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Spouse's Particulars (If applying for spouse Membership)

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NUSS Membership Reinstatement Information (Ordinary I Associate)

1. Eligibility for Reinstatement of Membership

  • a) Any person who was previously under the register of lhe Society and had voluntarily removed himself or herself from the Register by writing to the Honorary Secretary after having paid all debts to lhe Society.
  • b) Ordinary Membership is open to all persons who are on the Register of Graduates or who have successfully completed any postgraduate degree from the National University of Singapore.
  • c) Associate Membership is open to graduates of other recognised universities.
  • d) Reinstatement of memberllhip is subject to the approval of the Management Committee.

2. Fees and Charges

  • a) Applicant must make full payment of $2,240/- which comprises of Reinstatement Fee ($2,000) + Prevailng GST on Reinstatement Fee ($ 140) + Refundable Credit Deposit ($100) via cash/NETS/cheque payable to NUSS.
  • b) The reinstatement fee is subject to the review of the Management Committee from time to time.
  • c) The monthly subscription fee is $80 for principal members and $10 for spouse member, subject to prevailing GST.The monthly subscription fee billing commences once the application is approved byihe Committee.

3. Transferability of Membership

  • a) Members re-joining NUSS under this promotion shall not be permitted to transfer their membership within a period of 3 years from the date of joining.

4. Documents to Accompany Application Form

Your application will need 14 working days to process.Application will only be processed upon completion of the Membership Reinstatement Form over eaf, payment mentioned under item 2(a) and the submission of the following documents:
  • a. Copy of university degree;
  • b. One (1) recent passport-sized colour photograph (Soft Copy acceptable);
  • c. Our team will contact you to arrange for the sighting of your NRIC/Passport;
  • d. If applying for Spouse Membership, one (1) recent passport-size colour photograph (Soft Copy acceptable).
  • For verification purpose, we will also arrange for the sighting of your spouse's NRIC/Passport & Marriage Certificate for proof of relationship;


I,the appliciant,have understood the abovelisted and declare that the particulars in this application are correct.

I,the appliciant, understand that I am personally liable for the payment of the membership dues and charges incurred by me, my spouse and my guests in the use of the Society's facilities.

I agree to receive emails on all publicity from NUSS and may choose to unsubscribe upon receipt of such emails.

I agree to comply with and be bound by the Constitution,Rules and Regulations of the Society, as may from time to time be in force.