Mission & Corporate Identity

Mission and Corporate Identity

Our Mission

"To foster a lifelong relationship with NUS

and the wider graduate community"

At NUSS, a lifelong relationship with NUS and the wider graduate community is achieved through two mutually reinforcing thrusts:

  • Promoting the interests of its members and NUS; and
  • Contributing positively to Singapore's political and intellectual development and helping to cultivate a more gracious social and cultural environment.

As the foremost graduate society, NUSS strives to promote the interests of its stakeholders by providing appropriate platforms for all to socialise, build networks, improve connectivity and exchange ideas through a multitude of recreational, academic, political, social and cultural activities.


Our Logo

The typeface of the wordmark “NUSS” is futuristic and visually communicates that NUSS is forward-looking and ready to embrace and overcome the challenges that may lie ahead.  "NUSS" is in our primary Corporate colour, Blue which conveys loyalty, wisdom and calm.


The tagline "The Graduate Club" uses the typeface Tahoma. This typeface is leisure yet smart and contemporary; the same image as our Guild Houses project. The tagline uses our other corporate colour - the NUSS Gold. The NUSS Gold conveys strength and resilience.