Join the Pickleball Section

Pickleball – a game which combines elements of tennis, table tennis and badminton, yet gentle on the joints. Learn more about this sport at this newly formed Section.

Join the Cycling Section

Looking for buddies that share the same passion for cycling? Join us and ride your way to a fitter lifestyle!

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Looking for like-minded buddies to play a game or two? With our wide array of S&R Section groups, you are bound to find a group that shares the same passion!

Yoga Therapeutic Class

Learn how yoga can help improve your immunity and manage different ailments through a series of poses and breathing techniques.

Yoga Basics

Learn and master a series of simple poses and get back to basics at this yoga class!

Tennis for Adults

Take up a new sport or sharpen your skills with our tennis lessons, taught by professional coaches!


Balance your yin and yang through this ancient Chinese martial art – Taiji!

Pilates Fridays

Feel the power of pilates! A popular exercise helps to build and strengthen your core muscles and improve overall body stability.